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Track your account movements and balances or card transactions with our free email notification service.

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Ušetřete čas

Save time

Manage everything necessary by yourself quickly and easily on your computer.

Přehled produktů

Have an overview of products

You have an overview of the history of accounts, payment cards and securities in one place.

Přehled výdajů

Organise your expenditures

Your expenditures will be automatically assigned to groups and you can thus see them in clearly arranged graphs.


Be free of worries

Your login and payment signature in Online Banking are secured using a smart security key.




What other benefits will you get?


  • You will easily and quickly manage transfers and payments.
  • Payment templates will make frequently repeated payments easier for you.
  • You can render payments also in foreign currencies.
  • You have an overview and history of accounts, payment cards and securities available to you.
  • You will have account statements and other documents available in the practical PDF format.
  • You will constantly have an overview of your balance thanks to e-mail or SMS notifications.
  • You can top up your telephone’s credit in just a few seconds.



Have a look at the Application Guide and see what else Online Banking offers.

Online Banking application guide


SMART KEY and its benefits

For logging in to your internet banking, you need your user number and security key. The security key will serve for authorised transaction signing. What are the benefits of Smart Key?


  • It is free and available 24/7.
  • Functional even when you don’t have internet access.
  • Currently the highest security standard on the market.
  • Possibility of using biometric identification (fingerprint, Face ID).
  • The client always has it at hand and can thus authorise payments anywhere and at any time.
  • Smart Key can be used for the accounts of multiple clients, for whom various levels of authorisation can be set up as needed.
  • The owner of the account can determine the given number of users (e.g. for family member or for an accountant or company employees) for whom various levels of authorisation are defined.


How to change the existing security key to SMART KEY?

Do you also want to use the benefits of Smart Key? Follow these instructions.

  • Log in to Online Banking with the existing security key. Click on any current account.
  • In the displayed details of the current account, select the MOBILE SERVICES item and click on Smart Key Activation.
  • In the form, select or check the name of the account owner. Fill in the telephone number to which the SMS with the initialisation code for activation of Smart Key will be sent.
  • An SMS with the activation code will be sent (within 48 hours) to the telephone number that you provided. At the moment of delivery of the SMS, the existing method of internet banking security will become invalid. Carry out activation of Smart Key in the Smart Banking application, which you will find in Apple Store or Google Play.




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