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Pioneer Star Funds

Are you considering a way to professionally increase the value of your finances, however, you don't have enough information and time to actively engage in investing on the financial markets?

Would you like to have your money readily available?

All of this will be possible with investing in the Pioneer mutual funds with UniCredit Bank.

UniCredit Bank offers you the widest range of mutual funds providing the potential of higher value increase. On a day-to-day basis, your funds are taken care of by Amundi Asset Management, the experiences of which date back to 1928. Amundi Asset Management belong to the most significant managers on the European as well as global scale.

Your advantages:

  • Yield potential highly overcoming inflation
  • Years of experience of the professionals from Amundi Asset Management
  • Fast access to the funds, usually 3 – 5 days free of exit fees
  • With a 12-month term deposit, the interest of as much as 4% may be achieved for the investment
  •  Funds of higher quality and better performance than the competitors*

* according to rating by the renowned independent company, Morningstar

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