Non-Life insurance

With Môj Domov insurance from Allianz-Slovenská poisťovňa, you can get a complex insurance of property that

adjusts to the changes in your life and protects the things you consider important.


You can set up your insurance depending on your needs at any UniCredit Bank:

  • Insurance of house, flat and ancillary buildings
  • Household insurance
  • Insurance of liability for damage
  • Insurance of glass and garden
  • Privát Plus assistance services


Môj Domov insurance offers you:

  • No-claims bonus system
  • Compensation for damage at new prices
  • Possibility of zero deductibles
  • Quick and fair claim settlement


In cooperation with Allianz-Slovenská poisťovňa, we offer you the possibility of taking out a motor third party liability insurance policy in a fast and convenient manner.

Choose from several alternatives, which meet your requirements and comply with the vehicle’s technical parameters.


As regards every alternative, you can choose:

  • Basic limit of insurance indemnity
  • Higher limit of insurance indemnity with the Štandard assistance service included in the price
  • Štandard or Komfort assistance services


Benefits of this insurance:

Price adjustment

  • Taking into account no-claims record
  • Insurance coverage for a wide range of vehicles
  • Quick and fair claim settlement and online tracking of the course of claims
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