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Platby snadno a rychle

Pay conveniently

Smart Banking makes full use of your smartphone’s possibilities. You can easily sign off on payments of up to CZK 50,000 with your fingerprint or by means of Face ID. You can pay merely by scanning a QR code, barcode or money order.

Naprostá kontrola

Have everything under control

In the application, you will find overviews of all of your accounts, payment cards and transaction history. Thanks to transaction notifications, you will always have an overview of what is happening on your account.

Kontakty a pobočky

Quickly and easily

We have simplified activation of mobile banking. You can now change the limits of payment and credit cards directly in the Smart Banking application. In the event that you lose your card, you can block it immediately.


Be free of worries

All of your logins and payment signatures are protected in the Smart Banking application by means of a PIN code, finger print or Face ID application.




Thanks to the Smart Banking / Smart key application, confirming card payments on the Internet has never been easier. You no longer have to rewrite any codes you received via SMS. Pay faster, easier and even safer.

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What other benefits will you get?


  • Thanks to the Fast Check functionality, you will find out your balance without the necessity of signing in.
  • Payment templates and automatic saving of recipients will make entering frequently repeated payments easier for you.
  • Set up standing payment orders.
  • You will find display of statements and contractual documents in the Documents folder.
  • The possibility to find the nearest ATM or UniCredit Bank branch whenever you need.
  • Easy administration of payment and credit cards.
  • Part of the application is Smart Key, thanks to which we can attend to your Online Banking.
  • Thanks to transaction notifications, you have an overview of every operation on your account.


    Bonus 3 000 Kč



Have a look at the Application Guide and see what else Smart Banking offers.

Smart Banking application guide


We think not only about your convenience, but also your security


  • Login and payment signature are protected in Smart Banking by means of a PIN, fingerprint or Face ID.

  • The application is connected directly to your mobile telephone, where no sensitive information is stored.


  • The maximum amount that you can send via mobile banking is EUR 3,300.

  • The application automatically shuts down after you have been inactive for three minutes.








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