Smart Banking Tutorial


Just a few seconds and you know how much money you have available and how much you need to pay back.

The LIQUIDITY screen shows you your accounts and the relevant payment cards in one place. The total balance of your accounts is provided in the upper section of the screen.

The balance of your credit cards and loans is shown on the LIABILITIES screen. You always have the information about how much you need to pay back.

The SAVINGS screen shows you the balance of your savings accounts and time deposits. The upper section of the screen provides the total amount saved.


Thanks to card wallet you have an instant overview of your debit and credit cards. You can reach the wallet either from the main menu or directly from the application home page (before login).

On each of your card you can see the available balance. By tapping on “Latest transactions” a summary of payments made by the respective card is displayed and you can easily filter  through them.


NEWS: Settling your credit card debt has never been easier. Select your credit card, check the data for repayment and confirm your payment in a few seconds.


With Smart Banking, you will make payments simply and conveniently.

You can save templates for recurring payments and make your future payments easier. Alternatively, you can repeat an already made payment included in your transaction history on your account.

Moreover you can make payments by scanning a QR code or barcode (the Scan&Pay feature).


NEWS: The application now allows you to fully manage your standing orders – create, edit or delete a standing order with immediate effect.


Does your friend owe you for dinner? In Smart Banking, generate a QR code with the data required for payment and send it to him, for instance, via an SMS or What’s App.

Detailed information on how to pay in the application by using various methods is available in the How to pay bookmark in the Tutorial.


With the Fast Check feature, you can display the balance on your accounts and credit card even without having to log into the application (Settings => Fast Check). You can choose up to 5 accounts and credit cards.

Once you open the application, you just need to drag the application screen up and you will instantly see your available balance. Here you can also instantly deactivate the function in case it’s needed.


The Smart Banking application also includes the Smart Key application, which generates one-time codes for logging into and signing payments in Online Banking. You can reach the Smart Key through homepage (before login).


Smart Banking entails important contact details of the customer line and the 24/7 line for card blocking (the SERVICES screen, before logging in)

If you want to visit us, the application shows you the nearest branch and navigates you there.





To make a payment, click on Payments on the main menu or use a Smart payment – all you have to do is pull down the LIQUIDITY screen. MAKE A NEW PAYMENT screen is displayed, where in the upper section by moving from left to right you choose the account from which you want to send the payment.

Fill in the mandatory data and click on the “Next” button. On the next screen, check the data entered and confirm the payment by using PIN or your fingerprint or Face ID (for payments up to EUR 200).

For recurring payments, you can simply create a template. On the REVIEW DATA screen (just before confirming the payment being made), check the “Save as Template” option, give it a name and save it. Next time, making your payments will be easier.

Further, you can repeat any already made payment included in your transaction history on your account. Click on your account on the LIQUIDITY screen, which takes you to your payment history. Here, all you need to do is click on the particular payment and on “Repeat Payment” at the end of the payment details.


We would like to inform you that you can now see an estimated equivalent amount in foreign currency and estimated fees in the Smart Banking / Business Smart Banking application before the currency conversion.

This information is only displayed for new payments and may change at the time of booking. Therefore, for transactions already posted, you will not find this information in the transaction history.


You can also make payment by scanning a QR code, barcode, cheque or individual data (beneficiary’s name, account number, variable symbol, etc.) simply by clicking on the Scan&Pay option and selecting the scanning method.

The “Segment Scan” feature enables scanning of individual data required for payment, e.g. from invoices.

If you have a QR code saved in your phone, use the “PayCode from Gallery” option.

Once the code or cheque is scanned, the payment form is completed automatically and all you need to do is check the data and confirm the payment.


Does your friend owe you for dinner? Send him the QR code with information about your account and the amount owed.

Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the account card and select the Create PayCode option.

Enter the amount owed, and, where appropriate, other details (variable / constant / specific symbol) and confirm by clicking on the “Generate” button. The generated QR code is displayed instantly.

Ultimately, click on the Share button and decide whether to send the code to your friend by using SMS, What's App, Facebook or email.


To display your standing orders, click on the “Standing Orders” icon in the menu (don’t forget that you can move the menu from left to right). By clicking on the particular standing order, its details will be displayed.

New standing order can be created using two methods. 1) By clicking on the “Create New Standing Order” button on the screen with a list of standing orders; or 2) by clicking on “Payments” in the menu and moving the 2nd row on the NEW PAYMENT screen three times to the left.

Standing orders can be modified as well as deleted in the application – all you need to do is move to the left and “Edit” and “Delete” options will be displayed. Any modifications made in Smart Banking will immediately translate into Online Banking.





The LIQUIDITY screen shows a summary of your accounts and relevant debit and credit cards. You can view the available balances of individual accounts and you can always see the total balance of all your accounts in the upper part of the screen. By clicking on the account, you can view its transaction history and use any filters.

By clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner of the account, you can choose from the following options:

- “Expand” shows detailed information about your account
- “Share” allows you to share this information via an SMS, What’s App, email, etc.
- Create PayCode is used to generate a QR code (read more on the How to pay bookmark)

By clicking on the debit card, you can view its transaction history, where you also obtain a summary of the transactions made.


On the LIABILITIES screen, you can easily find out how much you need to pay on your credit card and what the balance of your consumer loan or mortgage is. For detailed information about your credit card, click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the card and choose the “Expand” option. Here, you can view, for instance, your available balance, minimum instalment amount, card validity, interest rate amount, etc. By clicking on the credit card, a screen opens up, where you can view the history of card transactions by clicking on “Latest Transactions” and use any filters.


NEWS: You can now settle your credit card debt with just a few clicks with one of the following ways: 1) Select the credit card in your card wallet and click on “Credit Card Repayment”; or 2) click on “Payments” in the menu and move the 2nd row on the NEW PAYMENT screen four times to the left to the “Credit Card Repayment” option. The amount of the minimum payment is automatically filled in as the amount to repay. You can change the amount; however, it may not be lower than the minimum payment. You can also modify the due date. Further, you just need to check the data and confirm the payment using your fingerprint / Face ID / PIN.


Have a clear idea of the current balance on your savings accounts and term deposits. Your total savings are shown in the upper section of the screen.

By clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner of the card or time deposit, detailed information concerning the relevant product is shown.


Display your payment history by clicking on a coloured card of an account, debit or credit card.

Opening your transaction history, payments for the last month are always shown. If you want to view payments for a longer period of time or for a period limited by specific dates, click on the magnifying glass symbol.

The magnifying glass will take you to a screen with filters, where you can choose from default periods of one week / month / 3 months, you can browse based on specific dates, amounts or, for instance, account numbers.

By moving the transaction history screen to the right, you can filter out outgoing payments on your accounts and incoming payments by moving to the left.

Payment details may be shown by clicking on the line with the respective payment. Regarding outgoing payments, you can easily make a repeat payment by selecting the “Repeat Payment” option at the end of the payment details.




  • Is there a Smart Banking Demo?
    Yes, there is. If you download the application, you can run the Smart Banking Demo (screen SERVICES), which contains samples of all available functions.
  • I am already a user of Online Banking from UniCredit Bank. Can I use both services at the same time?
    Yes, you can. Moreover, you can use templates saves in Online Banking for recurring payments in Smart Banking and vice versa. Smart Banking truly opens up new possibilities of how to quickly and conveniently manage your accounts whenever and wherever.
  • I have several accounts, can they be managed by using one application?
    Yes, they can. Smart Banking offers an overview of all your accounts, including loan accounts and time deposits.
  • Can I use the service abroad? Isn’t it expensive?
    Yes, you can. Smart Banking is also available abroad, provided your mobile phone has internet connection and data roaming. For an inexpensive connection, you can also use a public free wi-fi zone, which is currently available in all large cities all around the world or in airports, railway stations, etc. Thus, you can save money on fees charged by your operator.
  • What happens if I use Smart Banking and then buy a new phone? Would I still be able to use the service?
    If you use a device with the capability to access the internet, the application will be activated free-of-charge on such a device – you just need to call the toll-free UniCredit Bank customer line at 800 14 00 14 or request activation in Online Banking.
  • What should I do if I change my mobile phone number?
    Smart Banking works independent of mobile operators and, therefore, will work on your new telephone number (new SIM card). However, it is recommended to inform the bank about such a change due to future updates of the application, which takes place via an SMS sent to a mobile phone provided upon the initial activation.
  • Is it safe to use Smart Banking?
    Yes, it is. Smart Banking uses state-of-the-art security method in the form of a built-in security key (token), which at any point in time generates a unique, time-limited security code protecting logging into the application and sending of transactions to the bank.
  • What happens if someone steals my mobile phone or if I lose it?
    Even in such an unpleasant situation, both your data and finances are safe – owing to the security key (token) built directly in the application, no one else has access to your finance and account without your PIN. The application can be, subsequently, activated free of charge on your new device. Security is always fully guaranteed.
  • What happens if I forget to turn off Smart Banking?
    For safety reasons, the application turns off automatically after 3 minutes of inactivity.




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