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Thanks to our unique regular investment programme, you can conveniently increase your financial reserves, thus securing your rich future. U invest is able to earn a high interest even on minimum amounts thanks to the best investment managers in the world. It pays to think of unexpected expenses that life may bring. At the beginning, you invest in a more dynamic portfolio depending on the term of your investment. Each year, the share will drop so that before the end of the period you selected, your investment is protected against market fluctuations.

Advantages you obtain

  • Simplicity - just choose the amount and one of three investment horizons (5, 7, 10 years)
  • Availability - you can invest from CZK 500
  • Diversity - offers division into various classes of assets within many unit trusts
  • Professionalism -let us take care of your investments, including continuous administration and automatic reduction of the share
  • Liquidity - have your invested money readily available

In addition, you automatically get insurance against the risk of incapacity for work due to injury.



With the investment of even a small amount of your monthly budget, the Rytmus regular investment programme allows for investment in a wide range of products ranging from the most conservative to dynamic ones. Regular investing brings a more considerable effect with investments in more risk funds (in particular, equity funds). The probability of a drop in these funds is not lower thanks to regular investment, but their size is. Therefore, you can think of a dynamic strategy as a minor investor who is not an investment expert, but who seeks a reasonable compromise between risk and possible revenues. You do not wait for the most suitable moment, but invest regularly and with discipline, regardless of whether the markets are just growing or dropping.

Advantages you obtain:

  • Possible to invest as little as CZK 500, EUR 25 or USD 25, depending on the currency class selected
  • You choose your investment horizon (ranging from 3 to 40 years), which also meets your needs and also the method of payment of entry fee
  • You can invest regularly in any Pioneer Investments fund (except for the classes paying out dividends)
  • It is possible to open several programmes all at once, and invest in several funds all at once
  • To enter the RYTMUS regular investment programme, concluding a Pioneer Invest contract is required
  • Your personal financial banker will be ready to help you enter the programme
  • Option to change the amount of regular investment programme length or temporarily suspend it, without any penalty fees



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