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Amundi mutual funds

Are you trying to figure out how to appreciate your funds but don't have enough information or time to fully monitor developments in the financial markets? Do you wish to entrust your money to professional care but also want to have it available if need be? If you replied "yes" to both questions, we have a solution for you!

If you decide to invest in mutual funds managed by Amundi Asset Management, you may choose from among tens of funds investing in all kinds of asset classes (stocks, bonds, real estate funds, and other investments) or funds of various regional or industrial orientation. You may also choose just one widely diversified fund offering a well-balanced mixture of all of the above.

Your funds will be entrusted to the daily professional care of Amundi Asset Management, which acquired Pioneer Investments and become thus the largest asset manager in Europe, managing assets totalling more than EUR 1.3 trillion. Amundi ranks among the TOP10 asset managers globally.


Main parameters:

  • opportunity to earn an attractive yield
  • simple solution available to everyone
  • flexibility - your funds are normally available within 5 days without exit fees
  • the long-term professional experience and knowledge of the Amundi experts, managing the finances of more than 100 million clients all around the world
  • Amundi quality mutual funds under professional management

Third party funds

Our bank is also able to offer you mutual funds of other significant investment companies. We choose the most experienced managers for you which are the best in the world in this field. They include such companies as Franklin Templeton Investments, Fidelity Worldwide Investments or BNP Paribas Investment Partners. This way, you may further diversify and optimise your portfolio. The funds of these managers are reserved exclusively for the Private Bankinig clients.

These funds offer you:

  • potential for higher yield in excess of the inflation
  • money available within 5 days
  • professional management


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