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The foundations of the partnership between you and your Private Banker are built on discretion. Only the workers of Private Banking work with all the information about you and your property, Discreet current accounts are standard here.

Private accounts

UniCredit Bank Private Banking accommodates individual requirements of clients. Absolute confidentiality is the priority number one at all times. Besides standard services not subject to charges, you may also get the access to exclusive payment cards.

Modern mobile services will facilitate your work and communication with the bank, and your Private Banker will take care of everything else. And you are free to enjoy your favourite activities.

Corporate clients

You may also choose to use our services if you are in a business. We offer you the opportunity to open a discreet current account, use a wide range of services, and an individualised care of a Private Banker.


UniCredit Concierge service is a part of your private Infinite account as an added value to your services.

You can use it by calling at +421 2 4363 9610, every day from Monday to Sunday from 8.00 am until 8.00 pm including holidays. Outside these hours, your request will be received at the same line in English.

  • TIME-SAVING - we will do the searching, selecting, booking, confirming, calling, planning, furnishing or comparing offers for you and you can do the more entertaining stuff.
  • FLEXIBLE - always adapting not only to your specific interests and needs, but also to the needs of your family, friends or business partners.
  • INDEPENDENT - all recommendations rely on long-time experience and knowledge and are not encouraged by any financial benefit. Unlike external agencies, it does not offer solutions for your requirements based on where it receives commission or where it has a pre-agreed capacity. Its sole objective is your maximum satisfaction.
  • CONFIDENTIAL - not providing third parties with any information obtained in communication with you, save for data required for communicating with providers when making bookings and payments.
  • CREATIVE - seeking to satisfy client’s wishes using any available means and being able to search for and create new unique solutions.


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