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Global connections of UniCredit Private Banking

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UniCredit Group ranks as one of the thirty most significant global systemically important financial institutions (SIFI).

Our banking group operates in three main regions - in Italy, Germany and Austria, and in the Central and Eastern Europe region where we work hard to strengthen our standing. UniCredit branches can be found in 13 CEE countries).

Our quality was also recognized by the prestigious Europe Banking Awards which awarded us the title of the best bank in the CEE region. Our Private Banking has been ranked one of the top three banks on a long-term basis.

Our strength is built on sharing very strong know-how and philosophy of the Group which are applied in all CEE countries.

An excellent and coordinated cooperation between individual countries allows our clients to resolve their foreign requirements comfortably from their local banks.


Use your Private Banker in the Czech Republic to also control your funds abroad.

The oldest and the largest bank in Austria, Shoellerbank, is one of our most significant partners in this area. This bank is able to translate the 180 years of experience to the sophisticated solutions for clients of the 21st century.

The quality of this prestigious Austrian bank has been recognized by many international awards for many years.
Everyone can find their place in UniCredit Group.

Bank Austria

International cooperation is a matter of fact for UniCredit Group. We bring our clients experience from abroad as well as service of our trustworthy partners.

Austria has been considered to be a safe port with a solid legal frame, history and tradition for many years. Considering the diversity of requirements of our clients, we are able to offer the care and service of our two partners in Austria - the oldest and largest private bank Schoellerbank and the number one in the Austrian market - Bank Austria.

Bank Austria Asset Management manages a significant portion of the assets of our clients who wish to have their funds managed in an active manner by a professional portfolio manager.

HVB Munich

We use all our efforts and also cooperate with other members of UniCredit Group to achieve maximum comfort and professional services for our clients.

HVB Munich, the world´s number one in structured products and investment certificates, is our strong partner in investments. HVB Munich is one of the leaders in the German banking market. Thanks to its strength and extensive activities, we have the opportunity to arrange for our clients individual issues of investment certificates tailored to their requirements. HVB Munich is also liable for the creation of other structured products (bonds, certificates, life insurance policies...)

HVB Munich will also be happy to take care of the comfort of the Czech client base which needs to cover banking activities in Germany.

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