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Structured products

Financial market is considered to be one of the most innovative areas in the world. Year after year, we encounter new types of products and securities in the market forming various structures.

Structured products have their place in the portfolios of our clients, because they can bring yield even at the times of stagnating markets.

Throughout the year, we try to bring various issues of products in order to cover all market phases and accommodate the diverse requirements of our clients.

Individual issues are created under UniCredit Czech Republic and Slovakia as well as in cooperation with HVB Munich, a global top of the line in the area of investment certificates. We are the only bank in the Czech Republic and Slovakia that is ready to make our own issue of a certificate in this area.

Tailored investments

Why look for a product which could best fit your portfolio when you can create it on your own?

UniCredit Private Banking is the only one in the Czech Republic which gives you the opportunity to create an investment certificate exactly to your requirements. You are given this opportunity thanks to the cooperation with HVB Munich, and thanks to the size and international presence of UniCredit Group.

The Private Banker is ready to prepare a certificate based on your requirements at a real time:

  • out of more than 150 underlying assets;
  • with various maturity;
  • with various protection level;
  • CZK 1,000,000/EUR 50,000;

and with gains defined by you only. We will create a unique security just for you.

Art Banking

Art Banking is a service providing assistance to UniCredit Private Banking clients in the area of fine arts, whether they take it as an investment opportunity or it has an aesthetic and collecting value for them. We cooperate with our clients on a long-term basis (e.g. gradual compilation of a collection), address individual or short-term requirements (e.g. purchase or sale of a piece of work, expertise). Art Banking may be used by both the collectors beginners and the experienced collectors.

UniCredit Bank is the first bank in the Czech Republic and Slovakia that has a permanent internal advisor in the area of arts (since 2007). Many years of work in this area have resulted in rich and diverse experience, we cooperate with a vast network of verified partners, such as experts, auction houses, as well as state-owned and private art galleries and institutions. Our approach to our clients and their requirements is individualised and we follow the principles of private banking which include, among other things, confidentiality.

Our Art Banking was awarded as a "unique service in the Czech Market" by Euromoney in 2012.


Besides standard financial instruments, we also offer services in the area of alternative investments, such as fine arts or precious metals.

The king of hobbies and the hobby of kings can be found at the crossroads of arts and precious metals called numismatics. A comprehensive collection as well as unique individual pieces are an interesting complement in a financial portfolio.

Numismatics represents an investment which should increase the value of investor´s funds and bring joy to the investor. Investment in top quality and rare pieces may also bring additional yield.

Precious metals

A well structured portfolio contains not only traditional financial instruments, but should also contain tangible values for better risk diversification. Swiss banks recommend clients to have 5-10% of their investment portfolios allocated to gold. Gold and silver coins have been considered bearers of values since the Ancient times. Precious metals currently represent protection against inflation and owing to the negative correlation with stocks they provide protection at times of crisis.

Investments in precious metals is simpler than you think. There are several mints in the market which prepare special series of investment coins and small bricks that you may purchase comfortably through your Private Banker.

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