Asset Management

In cooperation with the largest European asset manager Amundi, we, as the first large bank, place an innovative ETF investment solution for managing your portfolio on the market.

This modern way of managing investment portfolios saves you time and provides not only tax but also significant cost benefits, such as a transparent performance fee from the achieved returns instead of entry fees.

Investment portfolios are actively managed and implemented through ETF funds that follow market indices and allow quick and easy access to market valuation. This also makes investment management easier and more efficient.


Our offer includes four portfolios depending on your goals:






Allocation of equity/bond ETF

20 % / 80 %

50 % / 50 %

75 % / 25 %

100 % / 0 %

Recommended horizon

3 years

5 years

10 years

10 years and more



Minimum investment

100 000 EUR

Entry fee

No fee

For more information, please contact your private banker or you can contact us by e-mail at


This notice is for information only and does not constitute a proposal for the conclusion of a contract. Investments are always associated with the risk of fluctuations in value and it is not guaranteed that the actual return will correspond to the expected return. The return of the amount originally invested is not guaranteed. Past returns are not a guarantee of returns in the future. Potential liability to tax depends on the investor’s personal circumstances and it may vary.

Assuming responsibility for the management of your funds, active management of the investment strategy, and security trading within predetermined and contractually binding boundaries?

All these activities taking into consideration your situation, willingness and ability to risk are available to you through UniCredit Private Banking in cooperation with our partner based on a mandate management.

This management includes a top quality, well-arranged and understandable reporting giving you a good grasp of your funds.

If you are thinking of this form of increasing the value of your funds, if you are thinking of your own pension plan, regular annuity, or wish to learn more, we will be delighted to present you our investment solution and prepare understandable documentation allowing you to review them and make your decision.

Schoellerbank offers an ideal solution for clients who are interested in diversifying their assets outside Slovakia, namely in a bank with a 180-year tradition of private banking. Its qualities are tested by leading providers of independent investment analyses. Schoellerbank is regularly awarded the best private bank in Austria, as well as in all German-speaking countries. The key service is Asset Management, as well as investment advice and financial planning. Besides traditional private banking services, Schoellerbank also offers the Family Office service, including support, financial planning and endowment services.


For more information, please contact your private banker or you can contact us by e-mail at

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