I need to refinance

My loans make up a total of EUR. I pay back EUR each month.
Also I need EUR extra cash for shopping.
I will be able to repay my loan back in months.
For the new loan I insurance to protect my loan payments in case of and getting a U Konto for free.

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Why take out a PRESTO Loan

  • Optimise your finances and pay less or get more
  • Option to obtain additional resources
  • Payment protection insurance with choice of insured risk
  • You can get the loan with a single visit to the bank

Loan parameters

  • Loan amount between EUR 650 upto 40 000 EUR (above EUR 10,000 a co-applicant may be demanded)
  • Optional maturity period 1- 8 years
  • Actractive interest rate guaranteed throughout the loan repayment period


APR at 14.10 % applies subject to non-compliance with the conditions of due repayment and other loan parameters as follows:
Representative example: I want to borrow EUR 8,000. The total amount of loan including an EUR 1,344 fee for the insurance of the ability to repay the loan throughout its repayment period is EUR 9,344, with a 7-year repayment period and a fixed interest rate at 7.90 % p. a.* The amount of the monthly instalment with loan insurance is EUR 145.17, the monthly fee for the provision of loan is EUR 0.58, the annual percentage rate of charge (APR) is 14.10 %, and the total amount repaid through 84 instalments is EUR 12,322.45. The total amount paid is EUR 10,322.45; once the reward upon due repayment of EUR 2,000 is included, the interest rate is 2.5 % p. a. and APR is 9.36 %.

The amount of the reward for due payment of loan only applies to the transfer of current liabilities into one favourable PRESTO Loan (PRESTO Loan – Loan Transfer) with a 60 – 96-month maturity, unless the client repays the loan or part thereof early.

*The interest rate applies subject to the client complying with the conditions for constitution of insurance of the ability to repay the loan, taking out the insurance and using an account at UniCredit Bank; once the reward for due repayment is included, the interest rate is only 2.6 % p. a. for everyone with an 84-month maturity.




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