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Mortgage loan from 0.39 % p.a.

  • No commitment fee

  • No proof of income


I need to refinance

I wish to refinance the balance of my mortgage loan amounting to EUR.
I would like to know how my current monthly instalment of EUR, will change if I transfer the mortgage loan to UniCredit Bank for with a year fixation .

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Why pay rent and still own nothing? Buy your own property and we will help you fix your instalments so that they are not an unnecessary burden for you.

  • Low interest rates
  • Now without any fee
  • No need to document your income
  • Acceptance of original price estimate of the real estate
  • Payment protection insurance with possibility to choose insurance risk
  • Minimum amount of the loan of EUR 3,300 and a maximum of 90 % of the pledged property’s value.  For loans over 80 % of the pledged property’s value, there is a limit that the Bank can only provide such loans at 35 % of all loans provided by the Bank in a calendar quarter.
  • We will extend a loan to you of up to 90 per cent of the property’s value accepted by the bank (flat or house)
  • Instalments may be broken down to as many as 30 years
  • Attractive interesting rates
  • We will extend a loan to you of up to 100 per cent of the property’s value accepted by the bank 

How will I secure the mortgage?

  • You can secure your mortgage with the property you are to purchase or with another property in the Slovak Republic
  • If you are buying a cooperative flat, you have to secure your mortgage with property in personal ownership

How will I draw down the mortgage?

  • You can draw down your mortgage within 6 months from the signature of the loan agreement

How will I repay the mortgage?

  • You can repay your mortgage over as many as 30 years
  • During the drawdown period, you pay only the interest on the amount drawn and start repaying regular annuity instalments in the month following the drawdown of the mortgage

What else can you choose?

  • The possibility of combining purpose-specific and general-purpose funds in a 60:40 proportion provided the entire loan is provided for up to 80% of the collateral’s value accepted by the bank

Representative example for a mortgage with the insurance of the ability to pay:

The listed interest rates in % per annum (p. a.) take into account a 0.30 % p. a. discount on the insurance of the ability to pay the loan.

The total amount of the loan is EUR 60,000, with a repayment period of 30 years and a 3-year fixed rate of 0.39 % p. a.* The amount of a monthly instalment is EUR 176.63, the number of monthly instalments is 361, of which the first instalment is only an interest payment of up to EUR 19.50, the annual percentage rate of charge is 0.77% and it entails an EUR 0 monthly fee for the provision of the loan, an EUR 9.71 fee for the insurance of the ability to pay the loan; the fee for registration of the pledge over the property with the land register is EUR 66. The total amount you have to pay is EUR 70,068.73. The total sum does not include the fee for insurance of the property.


* The interest rate applies to loans up to 80 % of the loan’s collateral value, provided the client meets the conditions for creation of the insurance of the ability to repay the loan and takes out the insurance of the ability to repay the loan. In that case, the client shall be reimbursed the costs of appraisal of the property: up to EUR 150 for flats and up to EUR 210 for detached houses.

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