Bank Overdraft

Take the opportunity to get a financial reserve whenever you need it. Do you have a bank overdraft in another bank? Transfer it to our bank.

A bank overdraft is an immediate reserve on your account which is available at any time; it allows you to overcome sudden financial needs. Taking out a bank overdraft within your account is free of charge and entails no further obligations. It depends on you whether you decide to use the bank overdraft.

If you have bank overdraft/s from other providers, transfer them to our bank. We will keep the existing amount of your limit up to EUR 6,000 and will not ask for any proof of income or a guarantor from you.

ŠTART Authorised Overdraft

We will provide you with a fixed credit limit of EUR 200, which you can use as required.


  • Immediately after opening a current account (clients are subject to an approval process in the bank)
  • The possibility of cash and non-cash drawdown

TIP! When opening a current account and taking out a bank overdraft with a U Konto account, you will get bank overdraft free of charge.


Representative example for Bank Overdraft:

A bank overdraft is taken out for an indefinite period of time. The representative example is calculated on the assumption that the duration of the overdraft is 3 months.

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