I want to take out a mortgage for EUR to purchase housing.
The value of the property is around EUR.
The number of people in our household is .
The net monthly income of the household is EUR.
The maximum credit limit on the credit card and bank overdrafts is EUR.
Regular loan monthly instalments of the whole household amount to EUR and other regular monthly expenses are EUR.
I would like to know the amount of monthly instalments in the event of a -year maturity.

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      Why take out a mortgage?

      • We will extend a loan to you of up to 100 per cent of the estimated price of the property
      • Instalments may be broken down to as much as 30 years
      • Rates starting from 1.19% p.a. on housing mortgages for 3 years fixation,  from 1,39 % p.a. on housing mortgages for 5 years fixation, 1,69 % p.a. for 7 years fixation and 1,89 % p.a. for fixation 10 years
      • Extraordinary instalment up to 20% free of charge

      More information

      Representative example: Would you like to take out a mortgage of EUR 60,000 and be confident during repayment? The Bank will also lend you for the fee for inclusion in the insurance of the ability to repay the loan for the first 5 years in the amount of EUR 1,800. The total amount of the loan is EUR 61,800, with a repayment period of 25 years and a 3-year fixed rate of 1.19% p.a.* The amount of a monthly annuity instalment with loan insurance is EUR 238.26, the number of monthly instalments is 301, of which the first instalment is only an interest payment of EUR 61.29, the monthly fee for provision of the loan is EUR 1.79, the monthly fee for the U Konto account keeping is EUR 8, and the annual percentage rate of charges is 1.82%. The total amount you have to pay for the loan, including U Konto, is EUR 74,483.08.

      Information concerning interest rates: The interest rate of 1.19% p.a. is valid for 3 years, subject to the provision of loan up to 90% of the value of provided collateral and taking into account the discounts on grounds of active use of personal account and credit card in UniCredit Bank, and taking out insurance of the ability to repay. It applies to applications for loans to finance housing over EUR 35,000.

      This notification is for information purposes only and it does not constitute a proposal for conclusion of a contract.

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