I need to borrow EUR.
I to minimise potential risk with insurance in the event of death, disability or .
What will be my monthly instalment if I want to repay the loan months?

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Why take out a PRESTO Loan

  • Insurance against the inability to pay with the choice of insured risk
  • A single visit to the bank is enough to get a loan

Loan Parameters

  • Amount of loan from EUR 650 up to EUR 40 000,000 (up to EUR 10,000 without a co-borrower)
  • Optional repayment period of 1 to 8 years
  • Actractive interest rate guaranteed throughout the loan repayment period


Representative example: I want to borrow EUR 7,400. The total amount of loan including the fee 1243 eur for CPI is EUR 8,643, with a 7-years repayment period and fixed interest rate at 5.40% p.a. The monthly instalment of the loan amounts to EUR 123.79, the monthly fee for provision of the loan is EUR 0.58, the annual percentage rate of charge is 11.17%, and the total amount repaid through 84 instalments is EUR 10,525.66.

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