Cut your interest rate

from 11,08 % p.a. to 3,89 % p.a. truly for everyone.

PRESTO for a Better Home

  • For the construction, purchase and renovation of a property

  • Up to EUR 40,000 without the need to pledge your property

  • Up to 6 months to prove the loan’s purpose

  • Flexible repayment - choose the date of your payment












How to take out a PRESTO Loan for a Better Home

We will call you

Over the phone, we will arrange a meeting with you at our nearest branch.

You will come to the branch, bringing the required documents

You will need your ID card, proof of income or account statements, or your tax return for the previous calendar year.

We will prepare the PRESTO Loan Application with you

If your application is approved, we will prepare the loan in accordance with your own need; sign the PRESTO Loan Contract and send the money to your account.

You might want to know

Important information related to taking out a PRESTO for a Better Home

Reward for due repayment
Loan Parameters
Why take out a PRESTO for a Better Home and who is the product intended for?
Insurance of the Ability to Repay
FAQ and useful documents


Viac informácií

Representative example: I want to borrow EUR 10,000. The total loan amount including the EUR 50 commitment fee is EUR 10,050, with a 76-month repayment period (subject to non-compliance with the due repayment conditions) and an 11.08 % p.a. fixed interest rate. The monthly instalment amounts to EUR 184.60, the number of monthly instalments is 76, of which the last instalment amounts to EUR 190.86. The annual percentage rate (APR) is 11.84 % (subject to non-compliance with the due repayment conditions).

The total amount repaid by you is EUR 14,035.86. Owing to due repayment, you will receive a reward in the form of payment amounting to the loan principal balance after the payment of the 60th instalment; thus, the loan repayment period will only be 60 months, with a 3.89 % p.a. interest rate, 4.79 % APR and the total amount paid by the consumer will be EUR 11,076.00. The amount of the monthly instalment and of the commitment fee does not change. More detailed conditions concerning the reward are available in the loan agreement.

The reward for due loan repayment in the form of early repayment of the loan by the Bank only applies to PRESTO Loan for a Better Home, with a 76- or 96-month repayment period (early payment by the Bank after payment of the 60th or 72nd loan instalment), provided the client does not use his/her right to early repayment of the loan or part thereof and provided the client is not late in fulfilling his/her obligation under the agreement for more than 29 calendar days and the delay in fulfilling the obligation under the agreement of 6 to 29 calendar days occurs no more than three times for the duration of the credit relationship and proof of purpose of the PRESTO Loan for a Better Home.

This notification is for informational purposes only and does not constitute a proposal for the conclusion of a contract. Potential conclusion of a contract is subject to obtaining the required internal approval and to signing the relevant documents.

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