A package of premium services with lots of benefits. Free-of-charge cash withdrawals from ATMs worldwide.


Current account

The package entails the opening and keeping of a EUR account and the possibility of keeping 2 other accounts in EUR or in a foreign currency.

Payment card

Up to 4 payment cards, of which 1 is a prestigious gold Mastercard with the possibility to connect the card to EUR or foreign-currency accounts for unlimited use. Within the card settings, you can define the order of use for the connected accounts when making payments using the selected card.


ATM withdrawals

Unlimited cash withdrawals from all UniCredit Bank ATMs in Slovakia and UniCredit Group ATMs abroad free of charge. Including 5 withdrawals per month from ATMs of other banks or operators in Slovakia or abroad free of charge.


Discounts and rewards for shopping with more than 70 merchants across the SR throughout the year. Without any coupons or loyalty cards, directly in your UniCredit Bank payment cards. 

Manage your account from anywhere in the world

Conveniently use the Smart Banking mobile application or via Internet Banking on your computer. Easy and fast login and authorisation of transactions using a security key in your mobile phone, with the possibility of using your account with just your fingerprint or Face ID. You can view your account balance immediately using the Fast Check feature.

Reserve for your travels

A prestigious Visa Gold credit card, maintained within the package free of charge with a limit of up to EUR 15,000. Do you travel a lot? A credit card is the right choice for booking your hotel or renting a car. Moreover, it is always better to have a card from every card association when travelling.



* The Bank does not charge for transactions; however, ATM operators may charge their own fees. You are informed about charges on the ATM’s screen and can refuse such transactions..


With U konto PREMIUM, you can enjoy all the benefits above entirely free of charge.

All you need to do is have regular payments of at least EUR 1,800 sent to your main EUR account within the U konto PREMIUM program or a total volume of deposits with UniCredit Bank of EUR 35,000 as of the last day of the month. If this volume is lower, you will be charged a EUR 15 fee in the respective month based on the Price List.


  Changing your bank

Do you have an account in another bank? Come to us, changing your bank is simple. We will take care of everything for you. Visit any branch of our bank, bring your ID card and your former bank account number with you. All will be arranged during one meeting and all your standing orders and direct debits will be transferred to your new account with UniCredit Bank within 13 days.



U konto
Current account with free cash withdrawals from all ATMs.

Detské U konto
Package of services for children from 8 years with payment card and internet banking.

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