U konto now with a bonus 40 € for shopping at Kaufland

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Credit your account with at least EUR 400 per month and get keeping of your account and other benefits free of charge.

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  • Current Account

    keeping of the current account in EUR and another account in a foreign currency free of charge

      0 / on a monthly basis

  • ATM withdrawals

    withdrawals from all ATMs of all providers worldwide

      0 / at any time

  • Smart Banking

    convenient control of your account via your mobile phone

      0 / on a monthly basis

  • Online Banking

    finance management from anywhere in the world

      0 / on a monthly basis

  • Bank Overdraft

    provision, administration and keeping of authorised overdraft on your account

      0 / on a monthly basis

  • Payment Card

    contactless embossed payment card

      0 / on a monthly basis

U konto now with a bonus 40 € for shopping at Kaufland    

  • Current Account -  

  • ATM withdrawals -  

  • Smart Banking -  

  • Online Banking -  

  • Bank Overdraft -  

  • Payment Card -  


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Open a U konto account by 31 March, pay by card at Kaufland and get 40 euros for shopping at Kaufland.

Terms and conditions



It is easy to make us your bank

If you are interested in changing your bank, we are here for you in our entire branch network. You will handle all during a single visit in our bank. We will take care of everything for you.



For starters, you will get up to 2 months of free account-keeping from our bank.

In the following months, your U Konto account-keeping will be free of charge provided you make regular payments of your income amounting to at least EUR 400 per month to your U Konto account.





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