An above-standard 4% p.a. rate of return on 12-months term deposit in combination with investment into mutual funds Amundi Asset Management.

Security, availability, flexibility - this is DUET PLUS.

What do you get?

  • a guaranteed above-standard return of 2%, 3% or 4 % p.a. on a 12-months term deposit in one-off term deposit in EUR
  • money invested into mutual funds is readily available to you
  • an extensive range of mutual funds offering diverse investment strategies in EUR

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Notification to Unitholders of Amundi Funds II (formerly Pioneer Funds)
We would like to inform you about the merger of the Amundi Funds and Amundi Funds II (formerly Pioneer Funds) family of funds into one planned for June 2019. Detailed information about the merger, including the characteristics of the merged and targeted sub-funds, can be found on the website UniCredit Bank.

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