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New features in the application:

  • New home screen

  • View your debit card PIN

  • Standing orders with new frequencies

  • New Smart key

More informations

We care about security and therefore we no longer support the operation of some older versions of the Smart Banking app. To continue using your mobile banking, please check which version of the Smart Banking app you are using and if necessary update it in the AppStore or Google Play as soon as possible. If you do not do so, you might not be able to log in to Smart Banking and you will be prompted to update it first.

You can easily update the app using the QR code below. It will only take you a minute and you can immediately continue to use Smart Banking as before.


 qrkod  qrkod  



How do you know which version of the app you are using? 

  1. In the Smart Banking app, please open the “Settings” and you will see the installed version of the app at the bottom of the screen. (E.g., APP VERSION: 5.25.11).
  2. If you have an iOS phone, your version number should be 5.19.79 and higher. For Android, the number is and higher. .

If you use a lower version of the Smart Banking app, please update it in AppStore or Google Play.


What to do if you fail to update the app?

Some older versions of operating systems no longer allow you to install new versions of apps. The latest version of the Smart Banking app requires the operating system 14.3 and higher for iOS, and 5.0 and higher for Android.

  1. In the “Settings” of your phone, please check the installed version of the operating system.
  2. If you have an older version of the operating system, please update the phone's operating system first, and then the Smart Banking app. .

If your phone does not allow you to install a newer version of the operating system, we recommend replacing your phone with a newer one.

To avoid having to worry about updating apps in the future, we recommend setting them to update automatically.

New version of the Smart Banking application

Owing to the new Smart Banking application, which will also become your financial advisor, you will have a perfect overview of your income and spending in concise charts. 



Platby snadno a rychle

Pay conveniently

Smart Banking makes full use of your smartphone’s possibilities. You can easily sign off on payments of up to CZK 50,000 with your fingerprint or by means of Face ID. You can pay merely by scanning a QR code, barcode or money order.

Naprostá kontrola

Have everything under control

In the application, you will find overviews of all of your accounts, payment cards and transaction history. Thanks to transaction notifications, you will always have an overview of what is happening on your accoun.  

Kontakty a pobočky

Quickly and easily

VIn your mobile application, you will quickly find not only all important contacts, but also the nearest ATM or UniCredit Bank branch.


Be free of worries

All of your logins and payment signatures are protected in the Smart Banking application by means of a PIN code, finger print or Face ID application.



Download the smart mobile application today.



 qrkod  qrkod  




Haven't updated yet? An overview of old Smart Banking can be found HERE.


Smart Banking application tutorial

Scan the QR code or download the application directly from Google Play/App Store.

Your payment card data must be entered in order to activate your App Store account the first time. Don't worry, you won’t pay for our application; it is entirely free of charge!



If you use Internet Banking:

  • In your Internet Banking, go to: Account Details - Mobile Services – Smart Banking,
  • We will send you the activation codes via SMS (Warning: we will send you the activation codes the next working day),
  • Open the application on your mobile phone and activate it using your User Number (Internet Banking login number) and the codes you received in the SMS.


If you do not use Internet Banking, you may activate Smart Banking via our Customer Service Line. After verification of your password for communication with the bank which is provided in your contractual documentation, we will send you the activation codes or you can request them at any bank branch. You will then perform the activation in 4 easy steps.

Aktivace Smart Banking


In just a few seconds, you can see how much money you have available. You now have an overview of all your finances on the new home screen. You can easily view your current accounts, cards, savings accounts or loan products. You also have an immediate overview of the total money you have in all your bank accounts.

If you have more than one account, simply expand them by clicking on the arrow to the right of the product.

If you don’t want anyone to see your current balances, use the eye icon at the top right of the screen. Simply click on it to hide your balances. Click on it again to make them visible.


In the Cards section, you have an immediate overview of your debit and credit cards.

You can see your available balance on each debit card. You can view an overview of the payments made with the relevant card, applying any filter.

Forgot your debit card PIN? You no longer need to request for new PIN. You can easily view it in the application at any time.


In the Payments section, you can easily and conveniently make a domestic payment or transfer between your own accounts in various currencies.

You can save recurring payment templates to make them easier to enter next time or you can repeat a payment made from your account transaction history. The application also allows you complete control over your standing orders – create, edit or delete a standing order with immediate effect.

Does your friend owe you for dinner? Generate a QR code in Smart Banking with the data required for the payment and send it to him, for instance, via SMS or WhatsApp. 

Detailed information on how to pay in the application using various methods is available in the how to work with the application.


With the transaction overview, managing your finances has never been easier. In the bottom menu in the “Overviews” section, you can see an overview of your income and spending.

This will provide you with an instant overview of what’s up with your finances so you can plan and monitor your budget. 

Use the transaction overview to see what you spend on. If you find any category inconvenient, you can easily change it and reclassify the income or spending.



You can make payment by scanning a QR code. Just click on the “QR payment” icon in the “Accounts” section.

The “QR payment option” means scanning a QR code. The application will open your camera to scan a QR code. After scanning it, the payment form will automatically be filled in and all you will need to do is check the details and confirm the payment. You can also choose a QR code from your phone's photo gallery.


Does your friend owe you for dinner? Send him a QR code with your account details and the amount due.

Click on the “Payments” section in the bottom menu, then click on “Request Payment”. Enter the amount due and, if necessary, other details (variable / constant / specific symbol) and confirm using the "Generate" button. You’ll see the generated QR code immediately.

Finally, click Share and choose whether you want to send the code to your friend via SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger or e-mail.



To make payment, click on the “New payment” icon or go to the “Payments” section in the bottom menu, where you can choose whether you want to make a domestic payment, transfer between your accounts, etc. Then just choose the account you want to make the payment from, fill in the required information and click "Continue". Check the information you’ve entered on the next screen and confirm the payment using your PIN, fingerprint or Face ID (for payments up to EUR 200).

Currently, it is necessary to enter amounts including hellers, i.e. to put two zeros at the end of whole amounts, for example. € 10,00.

Are you going on vacation? Transfer money from your CZK account to your foreign currency account. In the “Payments” section, select “Transfer between your accounts”. In the upper part, select your CZK account as the sender and, for example, your EUR account as the recipient. Then just fill in the amount, check the data and complete the transfer by entering your PIN, fingerprint or Face ID.

You can create a template for recurring payments simply. After entering a payment, check the "Save as template" option on the DATA CHECK screen (just before confirming the respective payment), name it and save it. Next time, sending the payment will be easier.

Ďalej môžete zopakovať akúkoľvek uskutočnenú platbu z histórie transakcií na účte. V sekcii „Účty“ sa dostanete do histórie platieb. Tu už len stačí kliknutím vybrať konkrétnu platbu a kliknúť na ikonu „Zopakovať platbu“.

Further, you can repeat any payment made from your account transaction history. You can access your payment history in the "Accounts" section. All you have to do is click on a specific payment and click on the “Repeat payment” icon.

We would like to inform you that you can now see an estimated equivalent amount in foreign currency and estimated fees in the Smart Banking / Business Smart Banking application before the currency conversion. This information is only displayed for new payments and may change at the time of booking. Therefore, for transactions already posted, you will not find this information in the transaction history.



To view your standing orders, click on “Payments” in the bottom menu. In the “Other services” section, click on the “Standing orders” icon. By clicking on a specific standing order, you will see and be able to edit its details.

You can create a new standing order by clicking on the "Create a new standing order" button, fill in the required data and save the orde.

You can edit or delete a standing order in the application – just drag to the left for a specific command and the options "Edit" and "Delete" will appear. All adjustments made in Smart Banking are immediately reflected in Online Banking.



Your transaction history is displayed in the "Accounts" section. Just scroll down the screen. If you need to filter out individual transactions, select the filter icon in the "Search" field on the right.

Move to the filter screen where you can choose from pre-set periods of a week / month / 3 months; you can search by specific date, amount or e.g. account number. You can also filter by category, such as income.

Payment details can be viewed by clicking on the line with the respective payment. You can also change your payment category here. The charts also show an overview of payments from that category for the current calendar period.



Would you like to be notified about transactions on your account? Thanks to push notifications, a notification will be displayed on your phone's screen. Just select the MORE section (Settings => Notifications). Here you can choose to receive all notifications or only transaction notifications.


With the Widget feature, you can view your account balance without logging into the application (More => Settings => Widget). In the settings, you can choose up to 3 accounts to display. You can then add the widget to your phone's home screen.

Where can I find SMART KEY?

Smart key is available on the initial login screen above the “LOGIN” button.

I already use Online Banking from UniCredit Bank. Can I use both services at the same time?

Yes, you can. Moreover, you can also use the templates for recurring payments in Smart Banking which you saved in Online Banking and vice versa. Smart Banking thus extends your possibilities of quickly and conveniently managing your accounts everywhere and at all times.

I have multiple accounts, can I manage them through one application?

Yes, you can. Smart Banking offers an overview of all your accounts, including loan accounts and term deposits.

Can I use the service abroad? Isn't it expensive?

Yes, you can. Smart Banking is also available abroad, as long as your mobile phone has access to the Internet and data roaming. For convenient access, you can also use the free public wi-fi zones which you can currently find in all major cities of the world or at airports, train stations, etc. You can save money on the fees charged by your operator.

What happens if I use Smart Banking and then get a new phone? Will I be able to continue using the service?

As long as you are using a device with access to the Internet, the application will be activated free of charge – just call our toll-free UniCredit Bank customer line at 800 14 00 14 or request activation using Online Banking.

You can also activate the application yourself using your password for communication with the bank. 

What should I do if I change my mobile phone number?

Smart Banking is independent of your mobile operator and will therefore also work with a new phone number (new SIM card). However, we recommend that you notify the bank of this change in the event of a future update to the application, which is carried out via an SMS sent to the mobile number specified during your initial activation.

Is Smart Banking safe to use?

Yes, it is. Smart Banking uses the latest security method, a built-in security key (token). It generates a unique, time-limited security code for every moment in time, protecting both login to the application and sending transactions to the bank.

What happens if someone steals my phone or I lose it?

Even in such an unpleasant situation, your data and finances are safe – thanks to the security key (token) built into the application, no one else has access to your finances and account without your PIN. The application can then be activated free of charge on your new device. Security is always fully guaranteed.

What happens if I forget to turn off Smart Banking?

For security reasons, the application automatically closes after 3 minutes.

I forgot my PIN or have a new mobile phone, how do I reactivate Smart Banking?

The easiest way to activate Smart Banking is to use your password for communication with the bank. When Smart Banking opens, click the Activate button and select "Activate with password". On the next screen, fill in your User Number and Password for communication with the bank. Next, fill in the four digits of your phone number. In the last step, choose a new PIN to log in and sign payments.

We will be pleased to assist you with the activation of Smart Banking on our Infolinke +421 2 6920 2090 or at one of our branches.


We think not only about your convenience, but also your security 


  • We have simplified the activation process for Smart Banking.
  • Login and payment signature are protected in Smart Banking by means of a PIN, fingerprint or Face ID.
  • The application is connected directly to your mobile telephone, where no sensitive information is stored.
  • The maximum amount that you can send via mobile banking is EUR 3,300.
  • The application automatically shuts down after you have been inactive for three minutesi.



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