Standard monthly fee

Monthly fee when actively using the account

Conditions for active use of the account

Monthly fee for start-ups

Conditions for start-ups

Maintenance of a current account in EUR

Maintenance of another account in foreign currency

Maximum number of current accounts in the package

Electronic current account statement (through internet banking)

Number of SEPA payments (incoming and outgoing) within the package

Cash deposit on the account

Cash withdrawel from the account

Embossed debit card for the current account

Gold Business embossed debit card MasterCard Business Gold or VISA Gold

Maximum number of debit cards in the package

Withdrawals from UniCredit Group ATMs in Slovakia and abroad

Withdrawals from ATMs of other operators in Slovakia

BusinessNet Professional

Smart banking

SMS security key or Online key

SMS debit card notifications

E-mail info messages (e. g. on account balance and movements)

Fee for the providing of the overdraft loan - free of charge

Fee for the Maintanance of overdraft limit - free of charge

The listed products and services are provided to the current account included with the Account. Valid from 1. 11. 2014.

  • Products/services marked with " ✔ "are included within the Account.
  • Products/services marked with " - " are not included within the Account and are charged according to the valid Price List.

Other services not included in the packages are charged according to the valid Price List.

*Gold debit card is only for clients with profession: notary, lawyer, dentist, doctor, executor, bailiff, pharmacist, veterinary, tax advisor and auditor.

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