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Would you like to trade in stocks or other instruments traded on stock exchanges? Our bank can intermediate for you trading on the major global stock markets in almost all instruments traded on such stock exchanges. Thus, you will gain access to a very wide range of attractive investment instruments. Trading on stock exchanges may be carried out by giving instructions at UniCredit Bank branches or by phone through a dedicated department at the UniCredit Bank Head Office.


Main parameters:

  • access to securities traded on the top global stock exchanges
  • the possibility of giving instructions from the comfort of your home
  • money usually available within 3 work days
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This website is just informative and it cannot be considered as a prospect, statute or contract proposal. It does not represent individual investment advice or investment recommendation considering individual situation of an investor.

The rates, prices, yields, appreciation, performance or other parameters achieved by each financial instrument in the past may not in any case serve as an indicator or warranty of future rates, prices, yields, appreciation, performance or other parameters of such or similar financial instrument. Investor further bears a credit risk of a financial instrument issuer. Financial instruments denominated in foreign currencies are also exposed to fluctuations resulting from changes in foreign exchange rates, which may have both a positive and a negative effect, in particular on their rates, prices, appreciation or proceeds from them. Investment options mentioned in this document may not correspond with identified target market of an investor and may not be suitable or appropriate.

Further information on related risks, provider of investment services, investment services in offer and investor´s protection is available in document Investment services at UniCredit Bank Czech Republic, a.s., pobočka zahraničnej banky. It is recommended to investors to acquaint before investing with statute or prospect of a fund and legal aspects of investing into financial instruments.

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