Mobile banking

Business Smart Banking

Business Smart Banking

A mobile banking service for managing corporate accounts. A mobile phone with the downloaded application is all you need to access the application.


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  • In the application, you will find overviews of all of your accounts, payment cards and transaction history.
  • Thanks to transaction notifications, you will always have an overview of what is happening on your account.
  • All of your logins and payment signatures are protected in the Business Smart Banking application by means of a PIN code, finger print or Face ID application.
  • Thanks to the Fast Check functionality, you will find out your balance without the necessity of signing in.
  • Payment templates and automatic saving of recipients will make entering frequently repeated payments easier for you.
  • The possibility to find the nearest ATM or UniCredit Bank branch whenever you need.
  • Part of the application is Smart Key, thanks to which we can attend to your Online Banking and BusinessNet.
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    We think not only about your convenience, but also your Security
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