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Improve quality of further education with emphasis put on the development of key competences, deepening and increasing qualification of employees and support education of health care employees with regard to legislation changes and restructuring of health care.
Supported activities:

  • improving quality of further education,
  • development of human resources in further education,
  • support for learning regions and for creation of networks in further education,
  • support of further education in single sectors,
  • facilitating access to further education,
  • support of diversification of forms of financing of further education,
  • development of key competences through further education,
  • improving clearness between sectors and levels of formal, non-formal and informal education,
  • supplementing the health care system with qualified professionals,
  • increasing further skills of employees in health care in connection with provision of health care,
  • training activities connected with implementation of new technologies, devices and equipment in health care,
  • creation and updating of educational programmes in health care,
  • development of new forms of further education in health care.

Get investments for support of innovative culture in research organisations, support of research oriented on real use of its results in national economy and, at the same time, on creation and support of transfer of newly obtained knowledge and technology into practice.
Supported activities:

  • increasing innovation culture in academic sphere through incubators,
  • support of applied research and development,
  • improving quality of internal management of transfer of technology and knowledge into practice from the area of academic sphere, including activities for removing barriers between research and development on one side and between the society and economy on the other side,
  • increasing the rate of use of institutes of intellectual property by workplaces of research and development in academic sphere,
  • development and support of regional centres.

Support development of excellent workplaces of research, which are directly involved in the educational process, or which are focused on the areas with strategic importance for further development of the economy and society.
Supported activities:

  • support of exchange and joint research programmes of Slovak research-development and educational institutions, which will have international cooperation with foreign research and development institutes,
  • support of significant research and development projects in the area with strategic importance for further development of the economy and society (12 objective priorities of research and development in the Slovak Republic, needs of key industrial sectors in the Slovak Republic, improving life quality and need for sustainable development of the economy),
  • support of cooperation between regional structures and workplaces of research and development including cooperation between research and development institutes and secondary schools,
  • support of international cooperation in the area of research and development,
  • support of professional return of Slovak scientific employees (including inceptors and post-inceptors) working abroad to Slovakia,
  • support of human resources in areas with strategic importance for further development of the economy and society.

Rebuild contents of education at elementary and secondary schools with use of innovative forms and methods of teaching; support education quality improvement and development of human resources in the area of research, development and universities.
Supported activities:

  • support of reform and development of general and professional education at elementary and secondary schools,
  • support of educational and carrier consultancy at elementary and secondary schools,
  • support of preparation of teachers and further education of pedagogic employees,
  • support of open school system,
  • support and development of tools for evaluating educational-pedagogical activities of schools and school facilities,
  • development of innovative forms of education, rationalisation and improvement of courses of study of universities including support of carrier consultancy,
  • making administration and management of universities more effective,
  • support of development of human resources in research and development,
  • support of active cooperation of universities and private sector in creation of new courses of study and programmes, and in the process of education,
  • increasing involvement of universities and other organisations of research and development in international cooperation and networks of development and innovations.

Invest into tangible infrastructure of universities and modernisation of their internal equipment, into renewal and development of technical infrastructure of research and development or into renewal, development and sustainable IKT development, infrastructure of research and development at research and development workplaces.
Supported activities:

  • investment activities oriented on reconstruction of buildings of universities,
  • construction of new buildings and extension of buildings of existing universities,
  • modernisation and reconstructions of accommodation facilities of existing universities,
  • modernisation of internal equipment of universities (support of IKT technology),
  • modernisation and investments into technical, laboratory equipment and instrumentation,
  • development and modernisation of local support infrastructure of research and development in the area of information technology,
  • building and development of broadband networks between workplaces of research and development,
  • necessary construction adjustments connected with investments into research, development and laboratory equipment, information technology and broadband networks.

Invest into improving quality of services in the area of education through reconstruction, extension and modernisation of pre-school facilities, elementary and secondary schools including procurement of their equipment.
Supported activities:

  • extension, superstructure, construction adjustments, development and reconstruction of small structures, connection of structures to buried services,
  • increasing energy efficiency of buildings (renewal of external cladding, repair and replacement of roof cladding, repairs of technical, energy or technological equipment and facilities of building, as well as replacement of its components – replacement of heating boilers and heating bodies, internal installation distributions, air-conditioning facility, installation of solar panels, etc.),
  • procurement of internal and external equipment of building necessarily connected with purpose of use of the structure including IKT equipment, except for means of transport.