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Project financing and consultancy

How can UNICREDIT BANK help you
Make use of complete services for acquiring and financing the project:

  • assessment of project plans and assistance in preparation of project financing
  • confirmation declaring co-financing of the project:
    • indicative credit promise,
    • binding credit promise,
    • confirmation of availability of financial means
  • keeping special current account – used for monitoring all financial flows connected with the project
  • loan granting:

EU co-financing – granting of long-term investment loan by the bank for securing mandatory co-financing of the project by final aid beneficiary.
EU bridging loan – loan granted by the bank for bridging time discrepancy between the need for payment of eligible costs to suppliers of final beneficiary of the aid and refund of these expenses by the paying unit.
They belong to leaders on the Slovak market in the area of EU consultancy. The company provides complete services within the framework of all phases of project cycle – primary assessment of possibilities to obtain resources from EU funds, project preparation, execution of selection procedure, implementation and monitoring of the project.

More information about subsidies from EU funds is available at information portal