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Support of science and research

Increase your competitiveness in the industry through innovation activities and applied research. Support introduction of new innovations for technology, procedures or products.
Supported activities:

  • systematic acquisition of new knowledge and its practical use in development of new products, processes, technological procedures and equipment or services,
  • significant improvement of existing products, processes, technological procedures and equipment,
  • directing results of production research into plan, project, modification or proposal of new, modified or improved product,
  • creation of first non-commercial prototype and its verification.

Create high-quality research and development infrastructure, support creation of excellent workplaces of research and bring newly acquired knowledge and technology into practice.
Supported activities:

  • renewal of research and development infrastructure and instrumentation:
    • at universities,
    • in research institutes,
    • in research centres,
    • in other organisations of research and development
  • support of significant research and development projects,
  • support of applied research and development.