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Short-term loan eu-rdp

The product is intended for business entities, which:

  1. are legal entities or natural persons with seat or registration in the territory of the Slovak Republic
  2. farm on agricultural land
  3. have authorisation to conduct business activity in agriculture
  4. are applicants for support from resources of European funds within the Rural Development Programme of the Slovak Republic 2007 - 2013
  5. have elaborated project in a form determined in the Handbook of Applicant for Irrecoverable Financial Aid
  6. have an opened special subsidy account in the bank for receipt of the support from the Agricultural Paying Agency (hereinafter referred to as the “APA”)

Advantages of the product

  1. loan up to 90 % of the amount of support specified in Contract on Irrecoverable Financial Aid
  2. financing eligible expenses paid within the project, which are included in total project costs
  3. financing a part of long-term assets acquired by beneficiary of the financial aid from EU funds on the basis of concluded Contract on Irrecoverable Financial Aid from the APA
  4. the loan is typical for:
    1. lump-sum drawing of the loan
    2. lump-sum repayment of the loan from support from the APA
    3. period of granting is limited to 12 months
  5. individual fees for assumption of obligation to grant the loan, preliminary instalment of loan principal and fee from not drawn sum
  6. zero fee for processing application for loan granting
  7. keeping special subsidy account free of charge

Conditions and parameters of the product

  1. amount and volume of the loan depend on the amount of support specified in the concluded Contract on Irrecoverable Financial Aid
  2. security for loan:
    1. power of pledge to claim from account of contribution and blank bill of exchange
  3. the bank grants the loan to clients who:
    1. are not in delay in paying taxes, customs, in fulfilment of their obligations towards employment office, social insurance company and health insurance companies
    2. have no payables after period of maturity towards other banks are not in bankruptcy or on whom no execution order has been issued.