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Combined investment loan eu-rdp

The product is intended for business entities, which:

  • are legal entities or natural persons with seat or registration in the territory of the Slovak Republic
  • farm on agricultural land
  • have authorisation to conduct business activity in agriculture
  • have elaborated project in a form determined in the Handbook of Applicant for Irrecoverable Financial Aid
  • have an opened special subsidy account in the bank for receipt of the support from the APA

Advantages of the product

  • loan up to 100 % of the amount of projected expenses
  • loan for procurement, acquisition of movable and immovable assets within the framework of “RDP” support project
  • financing more demanding and long-term projects (e.g. for self-contained projects for construction and modernisation of farms, purchase of technology and machines) 

Financing procedure:
1. Loan for project implementation, which is typical for: 

  • gradual drawing of the loan up to 3 years
  • gradual repayment of the loan from support from APA, possibly in a form of instalment schedule 
  • individual fees for assumption of obligation to grant the loan, preliminary instalment of loan principal and fee from not drawn sum
  • zero fee for processing application for loan granting
  • keeping special subsidy account free of charge

After project implementation, the bank will grant:

2. Loan for investment financing, which is typical for: 

  • lump-sum drawing of the loan  
  • gradual repayment of the loan in a form of instalment schedule up to 8 years

Conditions and parameters of the product

    • security for the loan – power of pledge to:
      • object of financing within the framework of project implementation: 
        • movable assets and/or immovable assets of the client
        • claim from account of support  
      • possibly other movable or immovable assets
      • possibly blank bill of exchange
    • the bank grants the loan to clients who:
      • are not in delay in paying taxes, customs, in fulfilment of their obligations towards employment office, social insurance company and health insurance companies
      • have no payables after period of maturity towards other banks
      • are not in bankruptcy or on whom no execution order has been issued.