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Agriculture and rural development

UniCredit Bank has rich experience in co-financing projects within the framework of Sectoral Operational Programme for years 2004 – 2006, through which we have refinanced almost SKK 2 billion. During the 4th quarter 2007 and 1st quarter 2008 we presented in every Slovak region schemes of project financing within the Rural Development Programme of the Slovak Republic (hereinafter referred to as the “RDP”) for years 2007 – 2013.
We also declared readiness of UniCredit Bank to participate in co-financing these projects.

If you do business in the area of agriculture business, our loans will allow you to perform investment plans within the framework of the RDP for years 2007 – 2013 as soon as today. Thus you will get required sources for buying machines, machinery and equipment, but also for financing more demanding projects connected with construction, modernisation or reconstruction of real estates.
We offer you three basic schemes of financing:

1. Short-Term Loan for refinancing a part of costs spent on the acquisition of long-term assets within the framework of the RDP.
2. Mid-Term Investment Loan for acquisition of tangible fixed assets, especially for purchase of movable assets and smaller modernisations within the framework of the RDP.
3. Combined Investment Loan for acquisition, procurement of movable and immovable assets within the framework of the RDP (e.g. self-contained wholes – for construction and modernisation of farms, purchase of technology or machines).

UniCredit Bank together with the Ministry of Agriculture of the Slovak Republic and represented by Agricultural Paying Agency concluded General Agreement on Cooperation within RDP Projects in April 2008. Through the Agreement, we will accelerate processing of your requests and allow you to promptly obtain financial means for implementation of your projects within the RDP.