Private banking

Private banking is the exclusive service for the most creditworthy clients of the bank. It is based on the individual relation between client and private banker. Private banker cares for developing of property and finances of his/her clients based on trust and confidentiality.
Provided you are interested in this kind of bank services, we are ready to offer them to you at the supreme level immediately. Our ambition is to relieve you from worries as much as possible and to let you enjoy the royal feeling of being uniquely cared for. UniCredit Bank operates the largest regional private banking network in Slovakia in order to be close to you in every moment. Directly in your region you can now enjoy all the advantages thanks to the experiences and rich history of UniCredit Group´s private banking from various financial centres such as those in Switzerland or Italy.

UniCredit Bank private bankers are at your disposal everywhere you wish – in the private of your homes, in your office or in the confidential private banking premises. The superior products and services are also available to your closest family since private banking in UniCredit Bank is also a family banking.

Private bankers have extensive competencies, enabling to them to handle your requests quickly and effectively. Thanks to the expertise, the innovative approach and the day-to-day inflow of new information from the world of finance, special solutions are offered in various fields:

  • bank services and products
  • investing:
    • counselling – intermediation – acquisition and management of securities portfolio, mutual funds
    • real estate investing, investments in art
  • financial planning – counselling and pension security, insurance

The ever-increasing number of our private clients is the proof that the private banking of UniCredit Bank is on the right way.