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Safe usage of the internet banking services

UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia, a.s., pobočka zahraničnej banky is adhering to all the safety standards leading to safe usage of the Internet Banking services (Online Banking, BusinessNet a BusinessNet Professional) for its clients.

Safety and protection of the Internet Banking products against misuse is not only the matter of safety measures on the part of the bank, but equally important is the adherence to the basic safety rules on the part of a client, the Internet Banking products user.

In terms of adherence to safety in Internet Banking services usage, the bank shall recommend its clients to observe at least the following measures:

  • To use software legally purchased, to install the latest security updates and patches of information system in his/her computer.
  • To install antivirus software, necessary to be regularly updated, to be resistant against the latest virus types, and at the same time to use anti-spyware programs and personal firewalls.
  • On the computer used for internet banking products operating, we shall not recommend using "instant-messengers" as for example Skype, Microsoft MSM messenger, ICQ or AOL simultaneously with usage of the Internet Banking products. Such communication systems may be easily misused for detecting the entered passwords or downloading any files from the used personal computer.
  • Using the Internet banking products, it is applicable for the user to verify, whether they are on the web domain belonging to the bank. Internet sites intended for Internet Banking products usage always start with the abbreviation ( https://... ). At the same time, the bank shall recommend verification of safe Internet connection assurance. Safe connection may be verified due to the key icon displayed on the screen, by means of which you may verify the public key certificate validity.
  • The bank advises the users of Internet Banking products not to response to e-mail messages inviting for entering access passwords and refer to hypertext links referring to Internet Banking products.
  • Upon finishing work with electronic banking it is necessary to log out, whereby the system is definitely closed and access identification data must be entered again for any repeated access.
  • The bank shall not recommend disclosing personal or login data, as well as sending identification data and passwords by e-mail.
  • The bank shall not recommend clients to use for Internet banking products the publicly accessible computers, e.g. in libraries or internet cafes.

The more sophisticated methods of computer hackers include especially the so called phishing, when a hacker gets into the computer and finds out data, the client is entering when connected to the Internet. This way, they could access also the sensitive data, necessary for transactions realization via Internet Banking, as for example static passwords, credit card numbers, etc. For execution of such intention, the so called Spyware programs are used. Spyware is the term indicating programs running on the client’s computer and are aimed at watching and recording ways, in which the client is browsing the visited internet pages. Spyware is not the same as a virus, as it is only recording, what the client is doing and is not changing the way, the computer is working. As a result of that, antivirus software is not effective at identification and removal of spyware, it shall be necessary to install in the computer a special anti-spyware program, which shall prevent unauthorized watching of activities executed on client’s computer.

Important Notice

UniCredit Bank is not sending its clients by e-mail or any other form the requests inviting for entering access passwords and referring to hypertext links of the Internet Banking services. In case You receive such request, You shall contact the bank, by no means response to such invitations in the way You are invited to.

In case of suspicion of misusing data or access rights for Internet Banking products, You shall contact the Electronic Banking HotLine +421 2 4950 2525 or the free line UniTel 0800 180 180 (from abroad +421 44 547 6870).