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6.7. 2009

UniCredit Bank has implemented a new Trade Finance functionality into the products BusinessNet and BusinessNet Professional. It is dedicated to clients using Trade Finance products.

The Trade Finance functionality enables to:

  • submit to the bank electronic orders for issuance of a bank guarantee and orders for amendment of an issued bank guarantee,
  • submit to the bank electronic orders for opening of a letter of credit and orders for amendment of an opened letter of credit,
  • prepare orders for collection of commercial and financial documents,
  • create templates of orders for bank guarantees, letters of credit and collections in order to simplify the usual preparation of such orders.

If you are interested to obtain more detailed information, please, send us an e-mail to:

4.6. 2009
In 2009, UniCredit Bank is preparing for its clients a German and Italian language version of Internet Banking Services. Thus, the Services will be accessible in four language versions – Slovak, English, German and Italian.