Exchange Rates

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CZK 27.6930  26.3410 
USD 1.1140  1.0580 
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Investor categories

The Bank, being the securities trader, is obligated by the law to classify any natural person or legal entity (customer of the bank), to which it provides an investment service or an ancillary service from the position of the securities trader, into the following categories: 

  • Retail customers.
  • Professional customers.
  • Eligible counterparties.

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On the basis of the information provided, each customer shall be classified into one of these categories and shall enjoy the level of protection defined for the respective category.

Modification of the level of protection upon customer request.

Upon assignment to a specific investor category by the bank, customers who meet the pertinent legal requirements (verification is effected by the bank) may apply in writing to be assigned to a different category. They can thus obtain a higher or lower level of protection