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Guidelines for managing conflict of interest

A large universal bank like UniCredit Bank provides customers with a wide variety of different treasury and securities services.

At the same time, UniCredit Bank operates in numerous other fields of business where the bank finances and advises customers or invests for its own account. The large number of transactions effected in the broad financial services segment makes it impossible to guarantee that a conflict of bank and customer interests can be excluded.

With this in mind, the bank, based on the MiFID Directive, developed "The Guidelines of UniCredit Bank for Managing Conflicts of Interest", which help to identify potential conflicts of interest and provide guidelines on how to manage these situations

"Customer interests, as a matter of principle, always come before the interests of the bank and its employees."

For UniCredit Bank, the objective is to prevent conflicts of interest as far as possible. If a conflict of interest arises, the bank’s top priority is to resolve the problem in the customer’s interest.

If, according to a reasonable assessment, the organisational and administrative arrangements made by the bank are not sufficient to avoid the risk of damage to customers’ interests, the bank will disclose to the customer the nature and source of the conflict of interests before undertaking business on the customer’s behalf.

This disclosure must be made in a general manner while maintaining banking secrecy vis-à-vis other customers.

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