UniCredit Bank is the reliable partner for small and mid-size business who will always meet your requirements. We will help you to implement your projects more easily, to valorise your funds and to make the conditions for business more effective.

Our objective is to fully comply with your bank requirements in terms of business activities financing. We do so by meeting your investment needs and the effective management of your finances, especially by means of favourable packages of services. Each client has his/her relationship manager in all the regions of Slovakia. We have also opened the specialized advisory spot BiznisDom for you in Bratislava, wherein we can address your business in details.

BiznisDom offers you the following services:

  • providing of loans
  • opening and keeping of accounts in EUR and freely convertible currencies
  • domestic and foreign payment system
  • issuing of payment cards
  • providing of electronic banking services
  • bank guarantees and letters of credit
  • providing of POS terminals services
  • SEPA - basic information

Consulting is a very important part of services provided by BiznisDom. We specialize particularly in loan products ranging from fast operational (overdraft and instalment) and investment loans to special types of loans provided in cooperation with EU and EBOR, as well as the loans for communities of apartment owners (CAO/SVB) and managers (e.g. SBD=Housing Cooperative) or agricultural entrepreneurs. Another priority area involves deposit products, especially in the form of packages of services, current accounts, special accounts for notaries public, housing associations, SVB and Managers of Residential Buildings, term deposit accounts, financial bills and the so called overnight accounts.

In UniCredit Bank we have extensive experiences from developed European markets. Foreign know-how and the perfect knowledge of local environment can be also your competitive advantage.