Exchange Rates

22/10/2016  Buy Sell
CZK 27.7010  26.3490 
USD 1.1150  1.0600 
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Ever since our establishment we are becoming one of the leaders on Slovak banking market. We are the bank with strong European background. We want to fully utilize this strength in favour of all of you – our clients and partners. We want to be the bank where you will feel well.

The environment of our branches, our employees, all of us we are going to do everything possible to make you feel comfortably at our place. We are combining the professionalism of service-provision and the smart bank approach with delightful feeling. For us you are not merely a number in a file because our solutions are individual and personal. At the same time those are the professional and smart solutions, under the strong auspice of our group.

We are sure that it is possible to combine useful with pleasant also in the world of finances and banking. We are going to assure you of this continuously providing you with our unique care. We are the first truly European bank and we are going to let you have all the advantages resulting therefrom. We are going to use the combination of the know-how of the largest banking group in Central and Eastern Europe and the detailed knowledge of the local market in order to have all our products and services making our lives pleasant.